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The Ministry of Tourism's Research and Statistics Department collects and processes data from proprietary surveys conducted at various ports of entry (i.e. airports, cruise ship ports, marinas) in addition to gathering secondary statistics from tourism partners. These figures are placed into databases and are used to provide relevant information to internal and external clients. 

The Research and Statistics Department also carries out ad hoc surveys which assist the Ministry of Tourism and industry partners to evaluate performance, and provide answers that help plan tactics and/or strategies.

This Department yields answers that measure and track changes in Bahamian attitudes for training and awareness programmes, such as Bahamahost.  It also assists with benchmarking the activities of visitors to the destination. Frequently, results are reported in the form of recommendations to managers, and appropriate findings are shared with the Industry.

In this section, the baseline tables of statistics captured through the efforts described above are listed. Trend information (inclusive of stopovers) goes back for many years, however, marketing information based on the Immigration Card only dates back to 2000.


Ms. Georgina Delancy

Director, Research & Statistics
Reginald Court, George Street
P.O. Box N-3701 - Nassau, Bahamas
(242) 302-2094
(242) 328-7991