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These reports provide information on main reason for visit, package/non package visitors, use of travel agents, combination Florida/Bahamas vacations, destinations visited in the past five (5) years, the competition, expenditure, repeat visitors vs. first time visitors, visitors influenced to make a land based vacation, likelihood of return and likelihood to recommend the destination, product satisfaction ratings, tourist comments, and visitor statistics.

To obtain information on:

  1. Expenditure estimates for stopover visitors to The Bahamas
  2. Expenditure distributions
  3. Information about the trip characteristics (reasons for visit, use of travel agent, use of a pre-paid package, etc.)
  4. Information on prior travel experience (repeat visits, competitive destinations)
  5. Demographics on the stopover visitors (age, sex, income, education, household size, party size, etc.)

And to measure:

  1. Product satisfaction level
  2. Intention to return