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The Information Services Unit of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism provides answers to all visitor enquiries which are received via:

  • Walk-ins
  • Call-ins
  • Email

The Unit provides advice to our visitors from all over the world on:

  • Attractions and accommodations available in The Bahamas
  • Popular tours
  • Popular restaurants
  • Popular entertainment
  • Popular islands
  • And much more

Officers who work in the Information Services Unit must possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good people skills
  • Knowledge about The Bahamas, to ensure a good first time experience for our visitors
  • The ability to have a friendly and helpful work attitude

The Information Services Unit’s goal is to contribute to the economic development of The Bahamas. We do this by helping to increase the number of new and repeat visitors through creating enthusiasm and elevating their expectations towards visiting The Bahamas.


Ms. Donna Jervis
Information Services Unit
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Bayparl Building, Parliament Street
P.O. Box N-3701 Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) (242) 302-2047

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