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The arrivals included in the statistical data cover foreign air and sea visitors to The Bahamas, based on head counts conducted by Immigration at all major ports of entry into the Country and exclude crew members of an airline and/or cruise ship. 


Foreign air arrival: anyone who is not a resident of The Bahamas who arrives by scheduled or chartered airline or by a private plane.

Foreign sea arrival: anyone who arrives in The Bahamas via a cruise ship, yacht, sail boat or water transport of any kind.

Sea landed arrival: anyone who comes to The Bahamas via a cruise ship, yacht, sailboat or any other water transport and stays at least one (1) night. In the case of the sea landed arrival coming by cruise ship, the visitor has left the cruise ship to take up other accommodations. 

Stopover, transit and day visitors are special categories of foreign arrivals, and all Immigration Cards are processed to produce the final counts of these visitors. 

Stopovers: anyone who stays at least one (1) night in The Bahamas.

Transits: anyone who passes through The Bahamas on their way to another destination.

Day visitors: anyone who visits The Bahamas but does not stay overnight.