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Surveys were conducted on New Providence, Grand Bahama and The Family Islands (Abaco, Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros and Bimini) that comprise information on attitudes of Bahamians towards Tourism and the educational media used to inform Bahamians about the Tourism sector.

2008 Bahamian Residents' General Public Survey Presentation

This survey was designed to gather information from Bahamian residents on various issues and aspects of tourism and media habits. The focus of the survey was concentrated on the following
major areas: Attitudes, General Media, Domestic Tourism, and Demographics. More specifically, the purpose was to examine the media habits of the Bahamian public in order to better channel educational information on tourism through media where it has a better chance of being viewed, to also examine the attitudes of Bahamians on tourism, and to make relevant distinctions between attitudes of residents based on demographic criteria such as age, sex, annual income and education.

New Providence Residents' Reports

Grand Bahama Residents' Reports

Family Island Residents' Reports