Exit Reports

The Research and Statistics Department of the Ministry of Tourism conducts surveys of stopover visitors to The Islands of The Bahamas, since the early 1970's. Information is gathered on their characteristics and expenditures on a quarterly basis. 

Tour Operator & Media Exit Survey Reports and Brochures

To obtain information on:
  1. Trip characteristics (reasons for visit, etc.)
  2. What influenced visitors to visit The Bahamas
  3. The activities visitors intended to do on this visit
  4. Reservation bookings
  5. Online Services/Tour Operators and/or Travel Agents
  6. Electronic media used for planning a vacation
  7. Favorite television networks
  8. The time visitors to The Bahamas were most likely to watch television
  9. Print media choices (e.g., newspapers & magazines read)
  10. The number of people who had e-mail addresses
  11. Favorite internet search engines and/or content providers
  12. Demographics of the stopover visitors (age, sex, education, household size, income);
  13. And to measure intention to return and/or recommend

Island Exit Survey Summary Brochures and Full Reports

Cruise Reports

Exit Study Reports

Ms. Georgina Delancy
Director, Research & Statistics
Reginald Court, George Street
P.O. Box N-3701 - Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 302-2094
Fax: (242) 328-7991
Email: gdelancy@bahamas.com

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