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Jan 26, 2024

Industry Partners Mix & Mingle

The Industry Partners Mix & Mingle is a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with professionals and businesses across various industries right here in the heart of Abaco. Enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where you can engage in meaningful conversations, forge new partnerships, and share valuable insights. Whether you're a local entrepreneur or visiting from afar, our Industry Partners Mix & Mingle in Abaco is the perfect setting to expand your professional network and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Feb 6 - 11, 2024

Hope Town Music & Rum Festival

The Hope Town Music & Rum Festival is an annual celebration that harmonizes the vibrant sounds of live music with the rich flavors of local rum in Hope Town, Abaco. This dynamic festival features an eclectic mix of musicians and bands, spanning various genres to entertain a diverse crowd. Attendees can savor an array of rum tastings, showcasing the Bahamas' renowned rum-making expertise, all while enjoying the picturesque island setting.

Feb 15, 2024

Long Island Winter Residents Reception

Every winter season, the Long Island Tourist Office hosts its annual Winter Resident Reception to warmly welcome returning second home owners to the island. These events help strengthen the bond between our guests and locals as well as boosts economic activity across businesses on the island.

Feb 21, 2024

Family Islands Winter Residents Reception

The Family Islands Winter Residents Reception in Abaco is a warm and inviting gathering that celebrates the vibrant community of winter residents who make Abaco their home during the colder months. Held against the backdrop of Abaco's natural beauty, this event provides a delightful opportunity for year-round residents and winter visitors to come together, share stories, and foster new friendships. Attendees can enjoy local cuisine, live music, and a welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of Bahamian hospitality.

Mar 2, 2024

Bahamas Hope Challenge

Bahamas Hope Challenge is not a race. It's a gathering of people who cycle, run, or walk distances of their own choosing and at their own pace. It's all for the greater good of helping fellow Bahamians fight cancer and increase their survivorship.

Donations are welcome.!

Mar 7, 2024

Eleuthera Winter Residents Reception

The Eleuthera Winter Residents Reception is The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments, & Aviation's way of demonstrating appreciation to all of our second homeowners and visitors who choose Eleuthera as their home away from home yearly.
This event also allows for first timers to experience a little bit of our local culture through food, local band performances, and Bahamian bush tea sampling.

Mar 9, 2024


The Hope Ball is an event held each year on Eleuthera. Ladies and gentlemen get a chance to dress up in their Sunday's Best and enjoy a fun-filled evening of dancing, dining, and engaging in conversation.
Funds raised from the event go towards helping persons in the community and educating the public about the different kinds of cancers and treatment options available.

Mar 25 - Apr 1, 2024

Rock Sound Homecoming Festival

This event is held to bring together families, friends, and visitors in one area to enjoy great food and entertainment.
Funds raised during the event assist with initiatives and other activities on the island.


Mar 27 - Apr 1, 2024

James Cistern Heritage Homecoming

This event encourages locals and visitors to come out and enjoy delicious native dishes, desserts, live entertainment, and activities for the young and old.

Funds raised during the event go towards enhancing the James Cistern area and assisting with initiatives throughout the island. 

May 1 - 4, 2024

The Shootout - Production vs Custom

The Shootout: Production vs. Custom Fishing Tournament" is a unique and exciting fishing competition that brings together both traditional production-style fishing boats and custom-built, specialized vessels. Anglers and boat enthusiasts unite in this thrilling event to see how various types of fishing crafts perform on the water. It's a test of innovation, adaptability, and the age-old battle between traditional and custom approaches in the world of fishing. The tournament offers a captivating display of skill and technology, appealing to fishing aficionados and boat enthusiasts alike.

May 15 - 20, 2024


The Palmetto Point Homecoming is held during the week of the Whit Monday holiday. This event encourages people on the island to come out and enjoy good times with family and friends. This is also a great time to plan a vacation or family reunion.

There will be fun, food, live entertainment, and games for everyone.