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Hope Town Music & Rum Festival

The Hope Town Music & Rum Festival is an annual celebration that harmonizes the vibrant sounds of live music with the rich flavors of local rum in Hope Town, Abaco. This dynamic festival features an eclectic mix of musicians and bands, spanning various genres to entertain a diverse crowd. Attendees can savor an array of rum tastings, showcasing the Bahamas' renowned rum-making expertise, all while enjoying the picturesque island setting.

Combustion Music Hopetown Music Festival

The Combustion Music Hope Town Music Festival is a three-day-long captivating annual event that brings together music enthusiasts and artists in the picturesque setting of Hope Town, Abaco. This intimate festival features a diverse lineup of talented musicians and bands performing across various genres, from country and folk to rock and blues. With its stunning beachside location and a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere, the festival provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying live music and connecting with fellow music lovers.

Goombay Summer Festival

Goombay Summer Festival has become one of the most popular summer events throughout the Bahama islands, including Long Island. Longer evenings and summer break school closures make this a highly anticipated family fun series. Each year, there is a feature of art & crafts, sailing, live band entertainment, native food & drinks and games & activities which make it an exciting local event you must attend! 

Pineapple Festival

The Pineapple Festival is a yearly celebration in the Gregory Town, Eleuthera area. During this time descendants return home to visit relatives and friends that they haven't seen in a long time. This is a time when the pineapple farmers get a chance to see their great harvest on display in a variety of ways. This also demonstrates the determination of our local farmers to keep the pineapple crop growing on our island for generations to come.

Coppice Festival

This street festival brings together the people of Nicholl's Town, as they celebrate one of the oldest areas in the settlement. The street is blocked off from one block to the other, with vendors lining the sides. Great Bahamian food, music, games, and entertainment will be available.

Junkanoo Summer Festival: Harbour Island

This festival is a signature event that attracts hundreds of people to historic Bay Street on Harbour Island. It is designed to show case Bahamian culture and things that are authentic of Harbour island. The food, the music, the kids dancing in the street are just a few things that take place at this amazing festival. The show stopper is of course the junkanoo parade where two beautiful groups come togther for an incredible parade. We bring to you..... JUNKANOO IN JULY!