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Christmas Day

The Christmas holiday is celebrated in The Bahamas with many carnivals and festivals. We also have adopted many of the same traditions and customs of other countries. These include gift-giving, feasting and sending Christmas cards.

SAIL Fishing Club Weekend

The Southern Anglers of Lauderdale Fishing Club (SAIL) is a group dedicated to knowledge, friendship, camaraderie, and fishing. These fishermen will enjoy a summer weekend sailing in the wonderful island of Bimini, fishing capital of the world to  host their annual fishing tournament. Also a function will be held at the Bimini Twist Restaurant as the fishermen indulge in the flavours of Bahamian delight.

Big Game Club Wahoo Smackdown

Join in the catch it's a smackdown at the Bimini Big Game Club for wahoo found worldwide in tropical and subtropical areas like the Bahamas, undoubtedly it will be the best exciting event Bimini Big Game Club is yet to have. Fun sports fishing tournament for wahoo, the  prized game fish—and not just because of its fun name.

Formula Boat Tournament

Enjoy the pleasures at Bimini Sands Resort and Marina as owners of formula brand boats come together and indulge in the excitement of boating activities  and other various water sports fun Bimini Sands Resort has to offer. Venue the Bimini Sands Resort  ocean  front of the marina.