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Love Rush Junkanoo Parade

Experience the pulsating rhythm and vibrant energy of the Love Rush Junkanoo Parade. This lively celebration brings together locals and visitors alike to revel in the rich cultural heritage of the Bahamas. Colorful costumes adorned with feathers, beads, and intricate designs flood the streets of Marsh Harbour as dancers move to the infectious beat of Junkanoo music. Spectators are enthralled by the spectacle of elaborate floats and performers showcasing the spirit and creativity of the community.

Elbow Reef Classic Fishing Tournament

The second annual Elbow Reef Classic Fishing Tournament, is a cherished annual event that blends the excitement of sport fishing with a noble cause. Anglers from far and wide gather against the stunning backdrop of Hope Town to compete for prestigious prizes while supporting the restoration efforts of the iconic Elbow Reef Lighthouse. Every cast and catch contributes to the preservation of this historic beacon, ensuring its light continues to guide sailors safely through the Abacos' waters for generations to come.

Devour! The Beach: The Ultimate Food Film Winter Getaway

Escape winter and indulge in a culinary and cinematic retreat at the 4th annual Devour! The Beach event, hosted at the Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas. Renowned Food Network Celebrity Chefs Lynne Crawford and Lora Kirk, along with other culinary experts, will lead a four-day extravaganza featuring Gala dinners, cooking classes, food-inspired films, taco parties, barbecues, and island excursions. Join Chef Michael Howell, the Executive Director of Devour!, and immerse yourself in the unique fusion of food, film, and fun, Bahamian-style. Devour!

Family Islands Winter Residents Reception

The Family Islands Winter Residents Reception in Abaco is a warm and inviting gathering that celebrates the vibrant community of winter residents who make Abaco their home during the colder months. Held against the backdrop of Abaco's natural beauty, this event provides a delightful opportunity for year-round residents and winter visitors to come together, share stories, and foster new friendships. Attendees can enjoy local cuisine, live music, and a welcoming atmosphere that captures the essence of Bahamian hospitality.

Bahamas Great Abaco Classic

The Bahamas Great Abaco Classic is an exhilarating and prestigious golf tournament that captivates golf enthusiasts and players alike. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Abaco's pristine beauty, this competition showcases world-class golfing talent, challenging courses, and a backdrop of stunning ocean views. It's a thrilling event where top golfers from around the globe come to test their skills and compete for coveted titles. Beyond the greens, participants and spectators can savor the warmth of Bahamian hospitality and revel in the scenic wonders of the Abaco Islands.

Christmas on Bay Street

Get ready for a magical holiday experience as Bay Street, Abaco, comes alive with our enchanting Christmas Float Parade! Join us for an evening filled with twinkling lights, festive music, and the joy of the season as beautifully decorated floats glide down the streets, each one more dazzling than the last. Bring your friends and family to witness this delightful spectacle, and don't forget to keep an eye out for Santa Claus as he spreads holiday cheer. It's a heartwarming celebration you won't want to miss this Christmas season on Bay Street, Abaco!

Regattas in The Abacos

Regattas in The Abacos is a vibrant celebration of events that features a colorful array of sailboats and powerboats competing in exhilarating races along the crystal-clear waters of the Abacos Islands. Amid the stunning backdrop of turquoise seas and white sandy beaches, visitors and locals come together to enjoy thrilling competitions, live music, delicious Bahamian cuisine, and a festive atmosphere. These regattas are a perfect blend of sporting excitement and cultural immersion, making them a must-attend experience for anyone looking to embrace the true spirit of the Abacos.

The Custom Shootout

The Custom Shootout Fishing Tournament is a prestigious and exclusive event that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship of custom sport fishing boats. Set against the backdrop of The Abacos' beautiful waters, this tournament gathers passionate anglers and boat enthusiasts from around the world. It's a showcase of ingenuity and performance, where these one-of-a-kind vessels compete to catch the most remarkable fish.

The Shootout - Production vs Custom

The Shootout: Production vs. Custom Fishing Tournament" is a unique and exciting fishing competition that brings together both traditional production-style fishing boats and custom-built, specialized vessels. Anglers and boat enthusiasts unite in this thrilling event to see how various types of fishing crafts perform on the water. It's a test of innovation, adaptability, and the age-old battle between traditional and custom approaches in the world of fishing. The tournament offers a captivating display of skill and technology, appealing to fishing aficionados and boat enthusiasts alike.

The Pink Rose Ball

The Pink Rose Ball in Abaco is a heartwarming annual event with a noble mission. Established in 2013 by Ms. Melinda Pinder, this event brings together a dedicated committee of women, known as the "Fabulous Six," who later expanded into the "Magnificent Eight." Their primary goal is to support those battling cancer. This highly anticipated Ball is a source of joy and hope for the Abaco community, especially in the face of challenges like Hurricane Dorian and COVID-19.