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Discovery Day Homecoming Festival

This festival encourages San Salvadorians worldwide to come home and celebrate Discovery Day, which commemorates the first landfall of the great navigator Christopher Columbus, on October 12, 1492. He renamed the Island of Guanahani to San Salvador meaning "Holy Saviour." The activities include Bahamian food and drink for sale, cultural performances, gospel concerts, plus live entertainment by local and visiting artists.


Goombay Summer Festival: San Salvador

San Salvador Goombay Summer festival features a variety of activities, including live Bahamian music, games, food and drink.


  • Goombay Dancers
  • Junkanoo Group
  • Local DJ's
  • Local Artists
  • Arts N Craft

Bahamain Dishes and much, much more,

  • Crab n Rice
  • Grill conch
  • Grill Fish
  • Conch Salad
  • Tamrind Sauce
  • benny Cake
  • coconut Cake
  • Gurva Duff
  • Coconut Tarte

Lots of Prize Giveaways.

Inagua Heritage & Salty Festival

This festival is the signature family-oriented event for Inagua and is a homecoming event for former residents of the island. It features an opening Ecumenical Church Service, a gospel concert, live entertainment with visiting artists, salty games, domino tournament, ball games, youth talent competition, karate demonstrations, a cultural extravaganza, tours of the Morton Salt Company, the Inagua National Park and the Inagua Lighthouse, fishing trips, a Junkanoo rush-out, fireworks, and lots of indigenous food and drinks for sale.

Harvest Festival

This family-oriented event draws patrons from both the domestic and international spectrum. The Harvest Fest is a grand celebration of the bountiful natural resources of Andros and its creative people.


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