Satellite Accounts

The Tourism Satellite Account ("TSA") is the United Nations World Tourism Organization's recommended methodology for measuring the economic impact of Tourism.  It allows for the calculation of Tourism's contribution to Gross Domestic Product ("GDP") and employment among other statistics.

Economic Impact of Tourism in The Bahamas 2019 

Economic Impact of Tourism in The Bahamas 2012 

Calculating the Indirect & Induced Impacts of Tourism in The Bahamas - Technical Report 

The Bahamas Tourism Satellite Account 2012

2007 Tourism Satellite Account Report

2003 Tourism Satellite Account Preliminary Results

Tourism Satellite Account Perspective

"How Important is Tourism in The Bahamas?" Perspective on Bahamas Tourism in 2003 by Global Insight, published May 17, 2006.

Bahamas Total Tourism Economic Impact Preliminary Report (2003)

The full economic value of tourism activity is substantially greater than just the direct measurements explained in the TSA. Suppliers such as wholesalers, agriculture, maintenance services, storage, utilities, and virtually every other sector also benefit indirectly from tourism activity. Although not explicitly part of the TSA framework, the TSA does provide the necessary output to then extend the analysis to these indirect impacts. Induced impacts can also be estimated by extended analysis from the TSA.

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