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The mission of the Information Technology Department (IT) is to:

  1. Harness appropriate technology, provide technical services and enlightened leadership through the most efficient and economical method; by leveraging technology resources to all constituents served by the Ministry of Tourism Goals
  2. Develop a technological foundation that will address infrastructure requirements to ensure success for identified initiatives and provide all employees access to the technological tools.
  3. Enhance and modernize key application systems through a focused and directed process.
  4. Enhance the procurement processes to ensure the Ministry receives the maximum return on the investment of public funds while supporting established goals of the Executive Team.
  5. Provide access to Tourism information for the citizens and industry partners through the wise and justified utilization of technology.
  6. Achieve value with economies of scale through centrally coordinated country-wide solutions.
  7. Develop partnering relationships among departments to improve employee efficiency and productivity through the use of innovative technical solutions.

The Information Technology Department is organized in support of the Ministry’s departments and agencies. As such its primary responsibilities are twofold:

  1. To provide the stable, responsive computer systems the departments and agencies require to accomplish their missions.
  2. To analyze and interpret the progress and direction of the computer industry for the Ministry.

The team comprises two areas – Technical Support Services and Technical Consulting Services. IT is charged with the design, architecture, support, maintenance of the Ministry’s comprehensive enterprise data and telecommunications network. These networks are the critical backbone of the Ministry’s communications, and serve to interlink all functional departments and employees within the Ministry.

As a key support element for service delivery in the Ministry, IT is increasingly the vehicle of choice for direct delivery of the Ministry's objectives. IT provides information technology services, project management support, application development, web-based system solutions, and technical support to all of the Ministry Departments and markets.

Besides strategy, IT provides the day-to-day support for all Information Technology infrastructures, including the growing large and complex Tourism data network, telecommunications systems, data operations, and business continuity program. This group also provides programming, systems analysis, application development, consulting services, project management support, web-based system solutions, and technical support.


Mr. Michaelangelo Cartwright
General Manager, Information Technology
P. O. Box N-3701
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 302-2055
Fax: (242) 328-7991

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