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The Department

The Hotel Licensing Department is the inspectorate agency of the Bahamas Government responsible for regulation and maintenance of product and safety standards for all types of guest accommodation. The work of the department is administered through the Hotels Act, 1970 and the Hotels Regulations, 1971 (referred to as Chapter 288).

The Hotel Licensing Department functions within the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation and acts as secretariat for the New Providence /Paradise Island Hotel Licensing Board. The department facilitates the work of the five (5) member Board to ensure that hotel standards are maintained and hotel operations are in compliance with the Hotels Act and the Hotels Regulations.  The department assists and supports the work of the Local Government Hotel Licensing Boards in Grand Bahama and the Family Islands; and conducts inspections of hotels throughout The Islands of The Bahamas.

All Hotel Licensing Boards are responsible for ensuring that guest accommodation throughout The Bahamas deliver the highest level of quality and safety standards so that visitors, who by virtue of their spend, continue to make a significant contribution to the economy.

The standards upheld by the Licensing Authorities, along with a strong legislative framework and benefits in the form of tax and duty exemptions, facilitate business growth for safe, continuous, quality-driven business operations; therefore, maximizing profits for the operator and tax receipts to the Government of The Bahamas.

The Hotel Licensing Department, located in the BAF Building (2nd Floor), George Street, consists of  twenty-two (22)  staff  members, including three (3) team members located at the Bahamas Tourist Office in Freeport, Grand Bahama. 

Administrative matters of the Hotel Licensing Department are divided into six (6) distinct units, namely:  

  • Compliance
  • Inspectorate
  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Revenue
  • Data Management
  • Training

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