People to People Tea Party

As one of the most highlighted events in the People-to-People department, the tea party attracts many visitors looking for an authentic experience. Find out more in this episode of Tourism Today!

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Repeat visitors enjoy a Peope-To-People Tea Party at Government House and tell us why they keep coming back to The Bahamas, and to Breezes.
Forty years after Sir Clement T Maynard introduced the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism’s innovative People-to-People program, several veteran ambassadors were awarded at Government House for decades of service in the programme, which has been adapted as a regional model.
A popular Italian travel TV show, Donnavventura will feature The Bahamas in its upcoming season. Italians will also learn about the Ministry of Tourism's People-To-People program.
Couple Plans To Wed In The Bahamas An Atlanta-native couple will never forget their recent trip to The Bahamas after a People-to-People experience played a huge role in their upcoming nuptials.