One Caribbean, Unite and Rebuild Hurricane Relief Concert Trinidadian and Bahamian Artists Join Forces to Provide Relief to the Bahamas Watch Live for Free and Donate

“We are all one family, only separated by bodies water and our Bahamian brothers and sisters need our help.” This was the emotional explanation that mega Caribbean artist Kes provided when asked what motivated him and the Tuesday on the Rocks (TOTR) team to lead the organization of a hurricane relief concert in aid of the Bahamas.

Hurricane Dorian made its terrifying landfall on the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama on September 1st packing winds of up to 202 mph and bringing storm surges of up to 25ft. It left in its path only devastation, desperation and despair. Robbing persons of their homes, personal belongs and sadly stealing their loved ones. Faced with those realities and touched by the experiences of those left helpless in the wake of the storm, the “One Caribbean, Unite and Rebuild” effort was born. Led by Kes the Band, artists from around the Caribbean will come together to put on one of the biggest relief concerts ever held within this group of nations. The event is scheduled for September 22 nd at 02 Park, Trinidad. In addition to Kes the Band, featured artists include Patrice Roberts, Destra, Shal, Nailah Blackman, Nadia Batson, Erphaan Alves and a host of other Caribbean artists. Bahamian artists will also grace the stage in Trinidad and offer a taste of the Bahamas with appearances from Avvy, Dyson Knight, Judah the Lion, Julien Believe, Wendi and Visage.

Funds raised at the event will be donated to the Bahamas Red Cross to assist in the relief efforts for victims impacted by the storm. “Every dollar raised and provided to the Red Cross counts,” expressed Mrs. Terez Curry, President of the Bahamas Red Cross. “These were already tough times economically and when faced with a disaster of this magnitude, it often presents a challenge to provide much needed aid. We are grateful for the thoughtfulness of members of the local community and our extended family in the Caribbean and the World. Especially for a gesture as grand as this. Our mission is to alleviate suffering and protect life and health. To do this, we’re calling on everyone for their support.” Charged with disaster preparedness and emergency relief, the Bahamas Red Cross has been in existence for 80 years. But the Bahamas Red Cross is much more than a relief organization. It operates its programs year-round providing assistance to young and old alike. With programs like Meals on Wheels, its youth programs and assistance programs to the elderly, the Bahamas Red Cross serves the community all year. “We’ve made a clarion call, and everyone is encouraged to donate. We’ve made it easy. You can come in person to our office at JFK Drive, deposit in our account at Royal Bank of Canada, go to The Bahamas Red Cross GoFundMe account online, contribute via the suncash website at or our website,” urged Mrs. Curry.

In addition to assistance from the artist community, the Unite and Rebuild Team were able to answer this charge with support from various sponsors to include, the Ministry of Tourism, O2 Park, Ojo Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network (TTRN), Digiprint and Signs, SIDDA communications, Bahamas T-shirts and Hospitality Group Limited.

But the best news is that with the help of its communications’ sponsor Tego TV, the One Caribbean, Unite and Rebuild Hurricane Relief Concert will be available for live-streaming and viewing online. Credited with bringing the 2018 World Cup to the Caribbean via its mobile app, Jason Mulrain, CEO of Tego TV said, “With our app, there are no limits! Anyone in the world will be able to view the event for free and have a front row seat using their pcs, tablets and mobile devices. They will also be able to donate and make their pledges to the Bahamas Red Cross directly from the app.” Equally exciting, Tego is also now available on the Roku and Amazon TV connected devices which means that users can easily watch the concert in high quality on their big screen TVs anywhere in the world. The Tego TV mobile app is available in the Google Play and Apple Store whilst the amazon App is available in the Amazon store. For more information as well as the ability to download the Roku app, go to