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The Ministry of Tourism celebrated MOT Choir Appreciation Day for the men and women who perform in the esteemed choir.

Director General Joy Jibrilu and Senior Director of Human Resources Leslie Norville brought congratulatory remarks and thanked the choir members for their excellent performances over the years as they ministered in song at various Ministry of Tourism events. 

"It is truly an honor to stand here and say how blessed I have been, personally, by the Ministry of Tourism's choir. I'm applauding you guys today. The sense of pride I feel from the very first note you all sing is obvious. Thank you on behalf of the entire executive team for your willingness, your enthusiasm and your professionalism in sharing your gifts," the Director General said.

 The group of 25 was recently treated to a scrumptious lunch at Luciano’s of Chicago restaurant.

 Members of the Senior Executive Committee were well represented to share in the celebration and to show their support.   

"We are so happy that you've made so many sacrifices over the years to be a part of this amazing choir. You make us proud every time you perform," Ms. Norville added.

 Choir member Samantha Cartwright gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the choristers.

 The members of the choir expressed great appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism for honoring them and they felt very much appreciated.

 The choir has had an interesting journey.

 It was formed during Minister Wilchcombe's 2002 -2007 term as Minister of Tourism.

 The choir was initially formed to sing at the first National Tourism Week Church Service.

 Since then, the group has performed at every subsequent National Tourism Week Church Service and other special events.

In May 2007, the members participated in a song competition sponsored by the Public Service Commission. 

The choir was successful in winning first place from a field of 10 Government Departments and Ministries.

Kendika Moss won second place in the Best Soloist category

At its formation there were 26 choir members.

Today there are 25 choir members, 14 are the original members and the others are new staff members.




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