Gathering of the Saints Apostolic and Prophetic Conference

The month of March ushered in a glory harvest for the hundreds of residents and visitors who fellowshipped on Grand Bahama Island during the inaugural Gathering of the Saints Apostolic and Prophetic Conference, March 20th – 26th at A Call to Holiness Ministries, Agape House.

Apostle Anthony Grant of A Call to Holiness Ministries, Agape House and host Pastor said that the event was a gathering of all of the member churches from around the world, including India, Canada, Haiti, Trinidad and the United States.

Optimistic of the impact of the conference, Apostle Ann Grant, also of Agape House, said that “We expect Grand Bahama to experience a shift based upon the power of God moving and flowing”.

She said “The gathering was a huge success and the level of participation exceeded our expectations.”

She added that “I believe that the island was impacted by the conference with the workshops giving more clarity as to what God is doing in this hour. I believe that in times to come we will see that the evangelistic spirit that we spoke of so heavily during these meetings, that is going to captivate the islands of the seas has begun here in Freeport.”

Apostle Anthony Grant explained that during the time of sharing by international delegates, “The attendees recognized that we were not just about church in the four walls but we were trying to touch the nations around us that do not have the freedom to share Jesus Christ.”

He added that Agape House is looking forward to having more delegates participate in next year’s event and that “we expect to see even greater things at next year’s event.”

Dwight Armbrister, Director for Religious Tourism, said that “I am happy that the government saw fit to put a plank in its mandate to focus on faith based travelers coming to our country.”

He said that “We saw a need to give focused attention to what we do as saints, and if it can be done for secular events, it can be done for the spiritual side of our country which is the social network that brings us together.”

He added that “There is one thing that will keep moving when all other sectors of the economy stops as a result of catastrophic events, and that is the church.” 

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