Frequent Visitor Conducts Successful Cleanup In McLean’s Town With Its Residents

For frequent visitor to Grand Bahama, Steve Wilson, “the reef restoration and coastal clean up on April 8, in McLean’s Town, was a labor of love and an opportunity to tangibly give back to a community that had given so much to me,” he said.

“The Coconut Creek resident said he “fell in love with The Bahamas many years ago.  The serene beauty, natural charm and above all, love and warmth of its friendly people, like Captain Phil, Barrie Thomas and the entire Thomas Family, who have become like family to me, keeps me coming back”.  

‘The Bahamas is rich in sea life resources, and as someone who thoroughly enjoys free-diving and spearfishing, I understand the economic importance of its marine life to the people of The Bahamas and McLean's Town in particular,” he said.              

The four hour clean up exercise which was jointly organized by local bone fishing guides Philip and Mel Thomas, and supported by various sectors of the local community, including church leaders, the Ministry of Tourism, families and business operators, resulted in the collection of some 40 bags of debris.

Financial contributions were also made to two churches in McLeans Town, Latter Day Outreach Ministry and the New Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Jeff Pinder Sr. Executive Product Department, MOT; Steve Wilson frequent visitor and event organizer, Deacon Floyd Smith, Latter Day Outreach Ministry, Barrinette Thomas, local coordinator and Philip Thomas Jr., bonefish guide and local event coordinator. 

Jeff Pinder Sr. Executive Product Department, MOT;  Steve Wilson, frequent visitor and organizer; Bishop Edwin  Pinder The New Emmanuel Baptist Church;  and local organizers Philip Thomas Jr., bone fishing guide and Barrinette Thomas.  

Jeff Pinder, Sr. Executive for Product Development and sustainable tourism at the Ministry of Tourism (MOT), said he was especially pleased with the passion and vigor shown by the visitor and the swiftness and success of the cleanup exercise, despite the event’s short planning period”. 

Special thanks are extended to sponsors: the Wet Money Crew, Ducati of Pompano Beach, World of Scuba in Boca Raton, Collision Center of Hollywood, Florida, Glass House Barber Shop in Coral Springs, World of Beer, Coconut Creek, Paul Varian of Varian Charters Boca Raton, East Boca Stretch Zone, Terry’s Conch Stand in Smith’s Point  and Sam Heelan of Loving Brothers who donated the t-shirts.  Appreciation is also extended to the Bahamas MOT, local organizers Phil and Mel Thomas and their team, Barrinette Thomas, Bishop Edwin Pinder and members of the New Emmanuel Baptist Church;  Deacon Floyd Smith and members of the Latter Day Outreach Ministry, parents of the children that assisted with the clean up as well as Fritz Higgs, Byron and Martha Wilson, Ed Venezia, Steve Goena, Nicholas Lombardi, Brandon Demercado, Gene Fiamma, Londyn Crowder-Maree, Duc Quache, Mike Seeley and Claudia Quintero. 

 Plans are underway to hold this event annually and to keep McLean’s Town, clean, green and pristine!

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