Cuban Children Get Bahamian Lessons In Culture

Scores Participate Daily In Workshop


Scores of Cuban children in Santiago de Cuba received priceless lessons on Bahamian culture during a five-day children’s workshop.

The workshop was a part of the Festival de Caribe, a nine-day festival where The Bahamas was honoured.

Over 300 Bahamians traveled for the event to display Bahamian culture.

The group included artisans, musicians, junkanooers, fashion designers and models and chefs.

During the children’s workshop, the participants learnt about Bahamian history, Junkanoo and how to create a costume, Bahamian traditional ring plays, stories and art. 

A creole group from a Cuban dance school and other local cultural community centres also participated in the workshop.

Pastor Henry Higgins, the coordinator of the event, said he was pleased with the children’s level of interest.   

“It’s important to share with children knowledge and valuable information and so in coming here, I thought that it was important to touch the children with our culture and make them understand the importance of not only our culture but to give them an opportunity to appreciate their culture,” he said.

“We always think that children don’t want to know but children want to know once they are taught and I think that it is important to share with them who Bahamians are as a people. They totally enjoyed the experiences of Bahamian culture.”  

Bahamian entertainer Leah Eneas also came on board to assist with the children’s workshop.

“We taught them Bahamian dancing like conch style, the heel and toe and a few songs and they taught us a few songs and how to dance,” she said.

“The Cuban adults were even getting in on it. Even though there was a language barrier the children were very polite and very eager. The kids were very, very intelligent, talented and excited. I would love to do this again. I’m glad I was chosen to do this.”

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture organized The Bahamas’ participation in Festival de Caribe.