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Beauty Queens Scout Out Grand Bahama Island

On Friday, September 1st, Angela PoscilloCEO of Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International, along with the pageant’s current title holders, arrived on Grand Bahama Island via the MV Grand Celebration, with the agenda to discuss and promote their upcoming pageant season.  

Last year the organization hosted both pageants in conjunction with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line. This week, Poscillo and her group visited the Grand Lucayan Resort- Lighthouse Point property with intentions to "brainstorm ideas" for the upcoming 2018 Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International Pageant. The reigning queens participated in a promotional photo opportunity on the scenic grounds of Lighthouse Point 


Poscillo said that "My visit here today is to promote our organization but at the same time create tourism between our organization and Grand Bahama, and also Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s Grand Celebration".  

During a tour of Lighthouse Point property, the group also became acquainted with local beauty queen, Miss World Grand Bahama, Jerell Strachan, who remarked that " I believe that it is extremely important to reach out to other queens around the world ...[as it] allows me to help Grand Bahama obtain publicity internationally".  

Strachan added that "Bringing this pageant to Grand Bahama would increase our tourism industry and bring revenue to Grand Bahama".  


It is the hope of Ms. Poscillo to have a Bahamian representative in this year's Ms. International World Pageant as this pageant is open to all nationalities ages 18-45.  

The upcoming Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International Pageants are scheduled to be held April 28th- April 30th, 2018.  

For more information, visit The Ms. International World and Ms. Latina International Organizations are currently in the process of their pre-delegate selection.