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Bahamas Carnival Tickets On Sale Now

Tickets for Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival events are officially on sale online, with the Bahamas National Festival Commission confirming successful initial purchases and a smooth transaction process.

As of last week, ticket sales for “Da Cultural Village’ in Nassau and Grand Bahama as well as tickets for the Music Masters concerts on both islands were progressing steadily, said Roscoe Dames, chief executive officer of the Bahamas National Festival Commission. “Sales have been very positive and we are prepared for a volume increase in ticket sales over the next several weeks” said Dames. “We want everyone to be able to buy tickets no matter where in the world they may be or what time it is there.” “Making tickets available online is convenient for everyone and it gives us a good way to track online sales and where they are coming from.”

Information on the different events and prices are available on the website ( ) , which also outlines the different events for the public. Ticket prices range from $30 a day to a $50 weekend pass for entrance into ‘Da Cultural Village’ in Grand Bahama and from $15 a day to $40 for a weekend pass to ‘Da Cultural Village’ in Nassau.  

The Music Masters concert tickets in Nassau start at $50 for general admission, $75 for preferred seating and $125 for reserved seating. The Music Masters semi-final events are included in the admission price for “Da Cultural Village’ in Grand Bahama. An announcement on physical locations for ticket locations will be made in upcoming weeks. Once tickets are purchased online, an email will be sent to the address input during the purchase process, with an invoice number attached that one can print out to redeem at a later date.

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