BahamaHost Goes Digital

In the wake of Covid-19, the Ministry of Tourism has transitioned the BahamaHost Program to a digital platform. The program, in its new digital format, allows the Ministry to continue to engage attendees in talent development, skills training, attitudinal training, and customer relations workshops. For more than 40 years, the BahamaHost program has been the tourism industry’s premier training program, having assisted over 50,000 Bahamians in becoming certified BahamaHost Ambassadors. The digital format will facilitate the Ministry in expanding the reach of the BahamaHost Program.

Like the traditional program, BahamaHost digital will teach Bahamians about their own distinctive cultural values, while promoting costumer service excellence within and outside of the tourism industry. During the online workshops, the Industry Training Department will use the video-conferencing app Zoom to host the daily BahamaHost lectures. These facilitators will also engage participants in sessions about Bahamian history and civics. The course also seeks to develop the participants’ knowledge of the nation’s tourism product, the importance of delivering exceptional service to all customers and factors impacting national and global tourism as well as preparedness for entering a post-COVID environment.

Director of Industry Training Kirkland Pratt said, “It took a lot of preparation to launch the new online version of the BahamaHost Program but, I’m happy the Ministry of Tourism made this possible. Now, I’m asking all who will venture with us on this new learning portal to prepare to relearn, rediscover and fall in love all over again, with what it means to be uniquely Bahamian.”

The BahamaHost digital program will cover five Modules: Proud to Be Bahamian, Tourism Today, The Bahamian Service Experience, The Global Impact and Empowerment.

Pratt also noted, “Attendees will be affiliated with the best team, and I am confident that if they engage and establish partnerships with our team, learning will take place beyond this training environment.”

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