Special Interest Markets

The category of Special Markets by The Ministry of Tourism is a term applied to those markets that are strong enough to stand on its own, separate and apart from the promotion of the destination of the Bahamas (sun, sand, sea, tranquility, and romance).

As the Bahamas is an archipelago approximately 50 nautical miles off the coast of Florida from Grand Bahama and Bimini in the north, it is ideally positioned to attract the avid visitor interested in these areas.

The Ministry of Tourism is a business development agency and is primarily concerned with the impact of potential business proposals upon room rates, the generation of revenue and other similar benefits.

Tourism has helped to diversify the Bahamian economy thereby creating needs to satisfy the many interests of our visitors.

Because of its diversity, the Bahamas archipelago has been successful with several special markets, namely: boating, fishing, diving, and private aviation.


The Boating Market's objective is to encourage a greater awareness about the Islands of The Bahamas to boaters, updating and informing of the close proximity and how easy it is to cruise the excellent, diverse array of our islands. Consumers are advised of our state of the art marinas, repair yards, Storage facilities, the ease of clearing in a foreign destination, and also about our many regattas. This is done through conducting Seminars and Presentations at Boat Shows, Marinas, Charter Brokers and Clubs, advising of the Boating & Fishing formalities, rules and regulations. One of our major avenues of encouraging boaters to experience our superior cruising areas is to escort first-timers on our annual boating flings, which are held June through August.


The Fishing Market is a growing and lucrative market. Our job is to attract and increase the number of novice and world-class anglers to the world's best fishing ground. This is achieved by creating new, and supporting existing Tournaments, which attract a growing number of participants. Participation in Fishing Shows, conducting Fishing Seminars and direct Presentations to Fishing Clubs afford us the opportunity of imparting the Fishing Rules & Regulations and showcasing the various areas where one can enjoy this year-round sport. Fishing Clubs are also encouraged to have their annual Club outings in The Islands of The Bahamas.


The dive unit is geared toward promoting travel to The Bahamas for the sole purpose of enjoying our great diversity of diving. Working closely with the BDA we participate in major Dive Shows and conduct seminars and presentations, educating consumers about our shark dives, wreck dives, blue holes and dolphin experience. We also encourage novice divers to do their certification in The Bahamas.

Private Aviation

The Aviation Unit's goal is to make it easier for the private pilot to visit and to lure the general aviation community back to the Islands of The Bahamas, concentrating specifically, but not restricted to the east coast of the United States. This is done through hosting pilot seminars and presentations and making calls on FBOs & Flying Clubs on the East Coast. Participation in Shows such as AOPA, NBAA and OSHKOSH has assisted in getting the word out on how easy it is to fly the many unique Islands of The Bahamas. The introduction of the Bahamas Fly-Ins, which are held monthly, have really gotten the word out on the safety and ease of flying to The Islands, and our close proximity to the US is a major asset. The Bahamas Flight Planning Chart is an important tool that is also used to assist the private pilot.


Through research and the consistent promotional efforts of Tourism Representatives throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, additional categories are being promoted under this banner, that of Religion, African-American, and Authentically Bahamian Craft. Our ongoing relationship with religious institutions, as well as African-American organizations throughout the U.S., have seen an increasing popularity of the Bahamas as a considered destination of choice for their events.

The popularity and demand of local arts and crafts have also flourished. This never-ending interest in local craft has prompted the implementation of the Authentically Bahamian Department. This unit of the Ministry of Tourism assists the crafts person and artisan to develop their quality of finished goods through education, training, and participation in a number of shows where they are exposed directly to the visitor whose comments additionally assists the artisan in the first-class quality of their product.

These special markets are stand-alone markets that generate new jobs and increased revenues, providing both part-time and full-time employment and a positive impact on the local community.

Through never-ending efforts The Islands of The Bahamas continues to position itself as the premier location for the increasing number of special markets that are being created to satisfy the needs and wants of its visitors.

Mr. Richard Treco
Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing

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