Bahamas Marketing Strategy

The Ministry of Tourism has committed itself and its resources to the idea that The Bahamas represents a series of independent, individual and highly differentiated destinations.

This understanding is communicated to the marketplace and in the products offered. The Ministry is establishing individual identities for each island and seeks to eliminate the current perception in the minds of many consumers and members of the trade that once you have seen one island in The Bahamas, you have seen all of The Bahamas.

The function of the Global Communications Department is to coordinate our advertising strategies to achieve our goals are implemented in a well organized, timely and cost effective manner. The Ministry coordinates these strategic tasks to ensure that our overall strategies of differentiation and minimum overlap of products takes place.

In Europe, reflecting the diverse nature of the various markets, the Ministry of Tourism is taking a different approach to handle marketing efforts globally while working in conjunction with the Director for Europe, who manages these areas.

The public relations activities of the Ministry of Tourism in North America are also handled internally with by the Global Communications department and an offshore consultant. The Global Communications team is primarily responsible for handling all press releases, press trips, and also to handle crisis management (such as hurricane damage) relayed to international constituents and media and to create and manage special offshore and onshore events such as the recent TV shows shot here live in Nassau/Paradise Island.

Local publicity efforts are geared to generate positive coverage of the industry with placement of approximately 200 news and features in local newspapers and consumer publications, forewords for international publications, with accompanying photography and video coverage for local television.

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