The Exumas

Garden Club Festival

An exciting day for the entire family. There will be vegetable seedlings, plants and seeds on sale, as well as garage and bake sale. Come and hear about the uses of herbal plants and see the demos.  Walk the nature trail and see interesting plants and trees.  You can't afford to miss it.

Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival

This event is an exciting time for the whole family. The Thursday evening gospel explosion launches the weekend of activities. Renowned local and visiting artists and other gospel artists will be performing. The festival also features an awesome lineup of The Bahamas’ most popular and talented musicians and local musicians. Arts and crafts, such as wood and conchshell carvings, will be on sale, along with Bahamian dishes. There will be lots of activities for kids as well as adults, including storytelling, singing, how-to exhibitions, an early dinner show, and lots more.


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