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This annual homecoming celebration for former and current residents of Cat Island feature a weekend of activities, including a church service, gospel concerts, live band performances by Bahamian recording artists, Junkanoo Rush-out, family fun and games, local food and drinks on sale. It takes place every year during the Discovery Day holiday weekend. The Venue for the Festival is the New Bight Park.

Contact: Mr. Ezra Russell / (242) 342-3014


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2 - 4 Apr
This event symbolizes the uniting of the community and provides an opportunity for former residents to return home. Highlights will be cultural shows and live entertainment featuring local Rake and Scrape bands.The venue is located five miles from the San Andros Airport.
8 - 11 Jul
Activities include cultural/fashion shows, down home cooking, dancing and live band performances. 
8 - 11 Jul
This homecoming brings descendants of the settlement back home to have fun and frolic with family and friends. Festivities will include live band performances, the Little Ms. Bluff-Eleuthera Beauty Pageant, Bahamian food and drinks. 
22 - 25 Jul
Local residents of John Millars, Bannerman Town and visitors from other islands come together to interact and enjoy cultural activities, Bahamian music, food, drinks and games.
29 Jul
2 Aug
This event celebrates the community of Hatchet Bay, its heritage and culture, with a goal to foster a closer relationship with its descendants. Activities include Comedy Show, Karaoke, Wet Powder Fete, Iconic Feline Fashion Show, Kangaroo Court, Round the Clock Competions.