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The BahamaHost Tour Guiding Programme is for participants who wish to acquire the highest level of professional tour guiding skills and competencies. This programme is suitable for newcomers to the tour guiding industry as well as existing experienced tour guides who demonstrate an aptitude for the profession.

This course leads to the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism certification as a “Certified Tour Guide” or as a “Certified Master Tour Guide.” These recognized, standardized professional qualifications will enable graduates to:

  • Guide route tours in a moving vehicle, e.g. bus, car, or on a boat;
  • Guide route tours on foot, e.g. around a town or along an Eco-trail;
  • Guide route tours at museums, historical sites, forts, etc.;
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills;
  • Demonstrate excellent group management skills;
  • Research and develop new or specialist tour itineraries and visits.

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