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 After three years, the 40hrs BahamaHost certification expires and persons in the industry are expected to register for the refresher/recertification program. The 16hrs BahamaHost re-certification program has been strategically designed to:

  • Reinforce the learning objectives of the BahamaHost program.
  • Discuss new and relevant information impacting National and Global Tourism.
  • Create a profile of the ultimate tourism professional that inspires individuals to meet or exceed the standard.
  • Identify reasons for the decline in standards and determine necessary improvements and implementations.
  • Describe the value of the visitor to the tourism professional and economy of The Bahamas.
  • Develop a holistic plan to empower lifestyles in the areas of personal finance, health, and wellness.

BahamaHost Virtual Online Recertification is available via Zoom to any applicant from any island who meets eligibility requirements. Participants may contact any of the following contact numbers to get additional information on training pertaining to their respective islands: 

  • Grand Bahama & Northern Bahamas: / (242) 350 8600.
  • New Providence, Central, & Southern Bahamas: / (242) 397 2441 Ext 2441.

Registration requirements and eligibility:

Only participants (with expiring certification) who took the full 40hr BahamaHost course in the year 2017/2018 are permitted to attend virtual sessions.
All other participants must register for the fully rebranded program that was relaunched in 2018.
Furthermore, any participant whose last BahamaHost session was recertification is NOT eligible to attend the online virtual recertification session and must register for the full 40hrs General session. 




BahamaHost Leadership Training Program

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