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Vision Statement

The Ministry of Tourism will be a global industry leader in destination marketing and management, contributing sustainably to a thriving national economy.

Mission of The Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism will achieve its vision through an holistic approach that is research, data, and technology driven.

In doing so, the Ministry will encourage and facilitate:

  1. the provision of exceptional authentic experiences to visitors, with an emphasis on stopover tourism; and
  2. the increase of ownership opportunities for Bahamians and benefits for stakeholders.

Key Organisational Priorities (2022):

The Ministry of Tourism will:

  1. Aggressively grow stop over arrivals, continually engaging new source markets;
  2. Focus on the luxury segment and key niche markets;
  3. Inspire visitors to return to The Bahamas as lifelong brand ambassadors;
  4. Consider the relative value of source markets and niches, when determining priority of focus;
  5. Be accountable for results through monitoring and evaluation against best practices;
  6. Provide continuous learning and training for staff;
  7. Improve the infrastructure and quality of life available to all Bahamians.