Bimini C Class Regatta

This event is in a class all by itself! Come join in the fun during this blissful summer time, where you can enjoy live Bahamian music that will get your feet tapping, games that will get your heart pumping, and Bahamian food and beverages to satisfy all your cravings.

Event Location Coordinates:
Organization / Contact:
Mr. Ed Reckley
(242) 376-8879
Radio Beach


Queen's Highway
Alice Town, North Bimini
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12 - 14 Apr
This annual sailing competition features a variety of festive activities, in addition to the racing with Class A, B, and C sloops.
10 - 12 May
This annual event features Class 'C' sprig sailing races and a church service.
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Long Island Regatta 2018: Photos by Mr.Phillip Figdore
This sailing regatta is the second largest in The Bahamas, next to the National Family Island Regatta held in The Exumas, and it is the major fund-raiser on the island. Skippers from throughout The Bahamas compete for cash prizes and trophies in A, B and C class races.
6 - 9 Jun
A number of cultural activities will take place, including local Rake & Scrape music, an old-timer's fashion show, and much more, including a boat race that is the highlight of the event.The venue is located 10 miles from the Congo Town Airport.
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Regattas in The Bahamas started in 1954 when a group of Bahamians and American yachtsmen saw the need to revitalize the art of sailing and boat building in The Bahamas. Their efforts gave birth to the first regatta being held in Elizabeth Habour April 1954.