Industry Training

  1. T.E.A.M.
  2. Adventures in Attitude
  3. Customer Service
  4. Supervisory Workshop
  5. Train-The-Trainer
  6. H.O.T.E.L. Adopt-A-School Programme
  7. Strategy Document

Industry Training's Mission

The mission of the industry training department is to promote and support industry development and organizational effectiveness (internal and external) by providing high-quality training in the areas of hospitality, leadership, professionalism, product knowledge, service excellence as well as other areas where industry skills and competency-based trainings are needed. Training and talent development are designed to supplement and/or enhance departmental and organizational objectives in order to maintain and build a successful tourism sector and a stronger Bahamas.  

Browse the links above for the goals and strategies outlined for implementation by the Department.


Mr. Ian Ferguson
Director, Industry Training
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Norfolk House
P.O. Box N-3701 Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 356-3280

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