NASSAU, BAHAMAS (July 12, 2019) – As part of Disney Cruise Line’s commitment to inspire the next generation of maritime professionals, Disney Dream shipboard officers hosted a group of students onboard from the Bahamas Maritime Cadet Corps (BMCC) while the ship was docked in Nassau. 
The Inaugural Bahamas Shoot 3D Archery Tournament took place on Grand Bahama Island on Saturday, November 3rd at the Pirates Cove Zipline and Waterpark facility.
For the 32nd consecutive year, the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) staged its Annual Conchman Triathlon in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation (MOTA).
Over the course of four days, the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation’s (MOTA) People-to-People Department officially launched its recruitment program on Grand Bahama Island.
The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation has rebranded the Bahamahost training system to meet the needs of an ever-changing tourism sector, and to ensure the sustainability of the country’s number one
Kristie Powell was a young, talented Bahamian employed at Tech giant Google, and working shoulder to shoulder with some of the greatest minds, ferocious entrepreneurs and tech savvy individuals in renowned Silicon Valley. 
The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation’s Religious Tourism Department welcomed a select group of visitors to Grand Bahama Island to attend the Northern Bahamas Conference of Seventh Day Adventist (SD
Over the past few months, Grand Bahama Island’s People-to-People program has steadily gained momentum since the implementation of several new strategies.
The Islands Of The Bahamas have become more accessible to people in Chicago thanks to American Airlines, which recently expanded its service from Chicago to Nassau. The route was originally a seasonal Saturday-only offering but will now be offered year round come Summer 2019.
As a destination which relies primarily on the beauty of its coastlines, Grand Bahama Island has been the focus of the International Coastal Cleanup, an important initiative spearheaded by the Mini