USS Hue City Docks in Grand Bahama

On Friday, July 20thThe United States Warship, the USS Hue City made a special visit to Grand Bahama Island where the crew hosted a small onboard ceremony at the Freeport Harbour to celebrate the partnership with The Bahamas. 

Commander, Chris Brown, Executive Officer and Second-in-Charge on the USS Hue City, expressed appreciation for the warm welcome he and the rest of the ship’s crew received upon arriving in Grand Bahama. 

“We are very happy to be in The Bahamas and we appreciate everyone welcoming us,” he said. 

With a briefing of the island on Wednesday, July 18th, the group openly explored the island for a period of several days where they were able to enjoy various activities during their stay.  Many of the crew took part in the signature Goombay Summer Festival on Thursday (July 19) as well as the Reading Program and Wet and Wild Day at The Beacon School Summer Camp. 

Despite being equipped for naval activity, it was noted that the ship is also about building relationships as human beings. As a result, it was imperative for the crew to give back while visiting the island. 

The naval ship, is a missile guided cruiser, meaning that it holds Tomahawk missiles, and named after a battle of the Vietnam War.  The ship holds approximately 350 persons and will be traveling to Florida after leaving Grand Bahama Island.