US Sales Initiatives Planned for Grand Bahama Island

Over the past year, The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA) has worked diligently to increase the number of arrivals and expenditure to the islands of The Bahamas.

With much success and improvement, all Bahamas Tourist Offices have begun impressive campaigns to continue pushing more visitors to individual islands every month.

As in years past, most guests who choose The Bahamas as their vacation destination do so due to the incredible landscapes, weather, experiences, and ease of access.

For those in the United States of America, the proximity and speed by which a guest can begin their vacation has been a major selling point for the islands especially when referring to Grand Bahama Island.

Known as one of the most important islands to package and sell, the US-based sales team has geared up to facilitate a series of initiatives tailored specifically to promote and drive interest to Grand Bahama Island.

As a result, the team has scheduled to familiarize key industry partners about the available offerings that can be only be experienced on Grand Bahama Island.

In alignment with the goal to bring more visitors, expenditure, and investment to Grand Bahama, MOTA’s US sales team will begin their first initiative during the month of April.

As a means to showcase Grand Bahama Island’s culture and unique destination experience, local vendors such as Mr. Bush Tea, industry partners and MOTA representatives will be present at the African American Broward Library (Florida)to ensure that the experience is most memorable for those involved.

In an effort to bring the cultural aspects of The Bahamas to Broward County, Florida, a unique Junkanoo experience is also lined up for persons to enjoy.

In addition, a total of three destination launches are proposed for Freeport from Florida gateways beginning May 13th (Miami), May 14th (Ft. Lauderdale), and May 15th (Palm Beach).

The concept will incorporate many interactive aspects inclusive of a "Goombay Summer" entertainment lineup to highlight the island’s signature calendar event.

With approximately 75- 80 travel agents, business consumers, media, and influencers scheduled to attend each event, domestic and in market industry partners will be available to assist in providing assets to educate the guests about the Grand Bahamian experience.

To culminate the series of initiatives, three familiarization trips have been identified where approximately 50 travel agents will have the opportunity to experience the best of Grand Bahama Island. Scheduled trips will take place over the course of three months beginning May 19th and ending on July 13th. The trips will be facilitated in partnership with Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines, Balearia Caribbean, and Bahamasair/ Delta Airlines.