Platinum Knights Sponsored By The Grand Celebration

On Friday, July 21st, management executives of the Grand Celebration presented the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group with a sponsorship cheque in show of their support of not only the group’s talent but of Bahamian culture.

With a partnership between organization leaders, members of the Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group have been performing on board the Grand Celebration several days a week to showcase the vibrancy of Bahamian culture.

David Johnson, Consultant for Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line GBI, said that "There are several things we are doing here as a company but this is our outreach as our customers want to feel, and touch, and be a part of sharing in the Bahamian culture".

Oneil Khosa, CEO, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, expressed that he believes Bahamians should feel close to the vessel and feel comfortable with the cruise line.

He said that "As a part of the cruise line’s objective to embrace Bahamian society, we have incorporated Junkanoo on board as the ship calls on Freeport twice every two nights".

With respect to the representation of community outreach activities and the importance of showcasing Bahamian heritage throughout the cruise line experience in the form of Junkanoo, Betty Bethel, Director, Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, said that "I would like to congratulate the Grand Celebration on their sense of corporate responsibility by embracing the Platinum Knights and being a sponsor of the group and then having them perform for the guests on board the ship".  

With a total of 1,800 guests on board, Bethel said that "the Grand Celebration’s commitment to the island has been significant at a time when we do still have a shortfall of inventory, but we do still have the cruise ferry option which is a unique feature for Grand Bahama Island".

She said that "We are very pleased that we are able to sustain a level of tourism to the island while we are preparing for our full recovery".

In thanking the company for their commitment to the group, Thomas Curry, Leader, Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group, said that "We are overwhelmed that people are watching us and see what we are see this happen here today is a joyous moment for us".

The Platinum Knights Junkanoo Group performs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on board the Grand Celebration

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