Pirates Cove Zipline and Waterpark Opens "Bahama Zip"

Saturday, February 3rd, Pirates Cove Zipline and Waterpark officially opened the newest tourist attraction on Grand Bahama Island, making this island the only place in The Islands Of The Bahamas where the thrills of ziplining can be experienced.  

The project, known as Bahama Zip, is an addition to the estimated 1.4-million-dollar investment that was injected into the Grand Bahamian economy via the Pirates Cove facility.

Thanks to a group of 26 Bahamian investors who whole-heartedly believed in the revitalization of Grand Bahama Island, the latest zip lining feature offers residents and visitors an interactive tour experience they will never forget.


Travis Robinson, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA), said, “The Ministry of Tourism is proud of this activity here that we celebrate with Grand Bahamians today. This opening of Pirates Cove Zipline and Waterpark is a signal of the ways in which we are diversifying our product that we are able to present to our guests and visitors when they come here.”


Subsequently, on their next visit to Grand Bahama Island, guests will be immersed in nature, as well as the storytelling aspect of the zip line experience. 

An attraction that can be compared to none, David Wallace, President, Arawak Adventures and Commercial Tours Ltd. said, “Today we celebrate the seven towers that are 65 feet tall. We have a 30-foot level that takes you into the park and we have a 50-foot level that zips you around the outer perimeter of the park."


According to Wallace, every tower will tell a story featuring the history of The Bahamas and Freeport.

Currently, Pirates Cove Zipline and Waterpark offers patrons a theme park concept where there are approximately 15 activities that guests can partake in.

These activities include: watersports, an ocean obstacle course, parasailing, segway rides, massages, kiddie corners, food and beverage stations, souvenir shopping, photo lab, and now the Bahama Zip tour.

Dr. the Honourable Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, said, “It is important to know that this is an achievement for the island of Grand Bahama [as] it strongly suggests that investor confidence is improving.  In addition [this experience] was achieved by Bahamians, which proves that Bahamians are more than capable of owning our economy.”

The zipline course was constructed by the Jamaican company High Extreme Adventure Tours (H.E.A.T) and is anticipated to include a rock climbing wall and bungie jump station in the near future.


The introduction of Bahama Zip to Grand Bahama further enhances this island’s reputation as an exciting, fun destination ideal for all types of travellers, from the solo adventurer to families with kids.