The New Duff makes waves internationally

Nassau, The Bahamas - Three months after the passage of the most devastating natural disaster to strike The Bahamas; The New Duff seeks to embark on an international campaign to promote the beauty of The Bahamas through an interactive and entertaining culinary experience; inviting the world to experience the charm, splendor and taste of the islands in US/Canadian/Caribbean television and print networks.

With this in mind, we hope that you would consider collaborating with The New Duff for a cooking demo to present our holiday treat to North Americans and the Caribbean (on live television, taped segment, online show, or printed in international publications) as a beacon of pride on behalf of all Bahamians as we approach the holiday season.

We make and sell the Bahamas’ most iconic dessert - Duff. It can be made with coconut, berries, pineapple but most often with guavas and is essentially the Cinnabon of the Bahamas.

Tourists love this sweet Bahamian treat when visiting and so we envisioned using our recipe to bring international awareness to the need for continued recovery efforts after hurricane Dorian.

Tourism is the number one contributor to the country’s economy and the best way for the global community to help our countrymen is to continue to visit our island nation. The New Duff’s mission is to not only change the culinary landscape in The Bahamas but to introduce one of the country’s most tantalizing pastries to the world!

Making Duff is very easy, fun and we believe showcasing it together with international media would be a great gift to offer global viewers on behalf of all Bahamians.

We debuted with a mission to introduce a traditional dish in a brand new way; expanding local horizons and eventually tapping into international markets.

Duff, is the perfect connection to Bahamian culture.

Most other members of the Caribbean community and Americans know of our archipelago which sits just off the coast of Florida, nestled in the most breath-taking crystal blue waters in the world. We are known for our friendly people, beautiful island scenery, rich history, and of course delicious native cuisine.

The New Duff Post Storm Relief

My name is Kendrick Delaney; I own and operate The New Duff from a solar powered food truck with a staff of 7 persons.

Though we have our own struggles as a small food business, we knew that after disaster struck, we had to help out. In a time that was economically bleak for most businesses here, we jumped on the opportunity to give back to the Bahamian community after hurricane Dorian by providing our nostalgic Bahamian dessert to climate change refugees arriving in the capital and across shelter nationwide.

In addition to giving free food to the evacuees arriving at the processing center at the airport, The New Duff has proudly stood with many hurricane relief events across the island and donated some of our earnings towards the relief efforts as well.

It was important for The New Duff to rise to the occasion to be our brothers’ keeper considering that so many Bahamians supported and grew our food business from just a fundraising idea for my mother’s medical costs, to two food trucks which operate seven days per week.

Additional information on The New Duff and our ongoing efforts is listed below: