Flying Fish Continuing To Excel In Fine Dining

Known as one of Grand Bahama Island ‘s premier restaurants, Flying Fish Gastro Bar has made a distinct name for itself with a complete rebrand, sustainable practices, and the only female sommelier currently practicing in The Bahamas. 

The famed restaurant, which has been in operation for a total of eight years, is highly sought after by both residents and guests on Grand Bahama Island for its distinctive ambiance, vast wine selection, and impeccable cuisine. 

With a focus on serving quality food and drinks in a comfortable atmosphere, owners Tim and Rebecca Tibbitts have developed a keen interest in enhancing and enlightening the Grand Bahamian community. 

As their mission is to inspire the general public, food enthusiasts and staff, and enhance the restaurant’s overall dining experience, the innovative couple spends endless hours refining their craft to continuously make their vision a reality.

Currently, Flying Fish Gastro Bar is one of the few restaurants in The Bahamas using modernist techniques to explore the flavors of the Caribbean. Small farm-raised products are also always preferred when entertaining diners every night to guarantee a top-notch culinary experience. 

flying fish

Photo: Flying Fish Gastro Bar

Since its inception, the goal of the restaurant has been to create a place that offers quality and luxury unequaled on Grand Bahama Island. As a Bahamian run restaurant, quality, comfort, and community always come first, and these values can be seen in evidence on any occasion by patrons who choose to dine at the eatery’s canal front location. In addition to quality food and service, customers will quickly be made aware of the restaurant’s environmental practices, as bottled water is created on site with a reverse osmosis machine and served in recyclable glass bottles. Laundry is also done on site to make sure real towels are used in the bathrooms instead of paper towels. 

Hospitality is a priority of the Flying Fish dining experience. Most of the staff have been at the restaurant from the beginning and always exhibit a warm, welcoming attitude. Staff are trained to make customers feel at ease with their selections by sometimes even pairing food and wine options, should a patron be indecisive. 

flying fish

Photo: Flying Fish Gastro Bar

Recently, the couple has embarked on a new journey of importing and exporting wines and the restaurant carries the largest selection of wines on the island. For those interested in dining, Flying Fish Gastro Bar is open Monday - Friday, 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays, 12 noon to 10 p.m. Guests dining on Sundays can expect to enjoy live music on the patio, weather permitting. 

Monthly wine tastings are also available at the end of every month. For further inquiries, contact Flying Fish Gastro Bar at (242) 801-5052 or