Couple Celebrates 41st Anniversary on Grand Bahama Island

The Islands Of The Bahamas have always been a prime destination for romance and one of the best vacation spots when it comes to celebrating anniversary milestones.

For many, the sun, sand, and sea are what attracts persons to our shores but for those who wish to have a more personal experience, the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation's People-to-People Program is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the islands while celebrating romantic occasions off the beaten path.

The program, which has been the primary outlet for visitors and locals to connect with each other, has quickly become one of the most sought-after experiences for visitors to enjoy.

While learning about Bahamian history, and experiencing the local culture and cuisine, those who sign up are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect and develop long-lasting friendships with many Bahamian Ambassadors participating in the program.

As the program is currently offered on nine of the islands of The Bahamas, and functions by connecting visitors with Bahamians who have interests or hobbies in common, many persons are intrigued by the value which the program can add to their vacation.

One couple in particular chose to take advantage of the unique opportunity in an effort to celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary on Grand Bahama Island.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Janine Vogel, repeat visitors to Grand Bahama Island, had not made a trip to the island since 2002 and decided that their visit this year would be extra special.

The couple, who are U.S. citizens of Mexico, Missouri, wanted to learn more about Bahamian culture and thus were specifically connected with People-to-People Ambassadors, Bishop Leslie Woodside & Mrs. Agnes Woodside.

As the couple celebrate their nuptials, the Vogels will have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the Bahamian way of life through excursions to West Grand Bahama Island, Fish Fry in Smith's Point, the Lucayan National Park in the Eastern end of the island as well as a Church service which illustrates how important Christianity is to the nation.

With the job of an ambassador being to enhance the vacation experience of visitors by sharing the Bahamian way of life, most persons who choose to participate in the program leave the island with memories that are unforgettable.

Local residents interested in joining the People-to-People Program on Grand Bahama Island can find out more and register online at or contact the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation at 350-8600.