Bjorn Munroe Grand Bahama Junior Tennis Championships

Bahamian athlete and tennis coach Bjorn Munroe recently visited Grand Bahama Island to promote his second annual Bjorn Munroe Grand Bahama Junior Tennis Championships scheduled for June 7th- 10th, 2019.

Munroe, who is a native of Grand Bahama Island, said, “We’re very excited to do this again, our second annual Bjorn Munroe Grand Bahama Junior Tennis Championships partnering with Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA), Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture, JAGS International, Pelican Bay Hotel, and the YMCA.”

“I think [this year] it’s going to be bigger and better [as] we’ve made it a UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) this year,” added Munroe.

bjorn munroe

With the objective of bringing more exposure to the island, the tournament is geared towards improving the skills of young Bahamian players. Munroe noted that the purpose of making this year a UTR event is so that coaches could easily identify great Bahamian players based on their ranking.

He said, “We think it’s important for the juniors in Grand Bahama and The Bahamas in general to start having UTR ranking [because]...all college coaches look at UTR’s.”

Nuvolari Chotoosingh, Manager, Niche Markets, MOTA, Grand Bahama Island, said, “The Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is certainly pleased and privileged to partner with Bjorn Munroe, Bahamas legendary tennis player now in West Palm Beach, Florida.”

“BJ, once again, is coming to the island bringing a number of kids out of the United States who he coaches at a tennis academy there to play against youngsters here on the island.”

tennis tournament

As the Ministry’s goal is to increase the number of visitors and expenditure throughout the islands of The Bahamas, Bjorn’s tournament is expected to add to the number of persons that visit the island each year.

Players interested in competing in this year’s tournament can register by calling Patrick Bowe at 804-9065.

Organizations like the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association and Grand Bahama Lawn Tennis Association are anticipated to assist in making this year’s event a success.