Authenti-City Returns to Grand Bahama Island

After a three-year hiatus, residents on Grand Bahama Island are in preparation mode for the 7th Annual Authenti-City Trade Show spearheaded by the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (MOTA).

In an effort to promote the sale of authentic Bahamian products, the Authenti-City trade show will feature approximately 20 vendors who have the opportunity to display original products to the wider public on Saturday, November 24th on the BAIC grounds.

Michael Foulkes, Chairman, BAIC and Member of Parliament, Golden Gates, said, “The purpose of the art & craft show is to bring together artisans and artists from throughout Grand Bahama to create a “Craft Village” highlighting indigenous Bahamian products.”


“The art & craft show will incorporate the industries of art, craft, souvenir, clothing, accessories, jewelry, packaged, and processed food and an array of products will be displayed throughout 20 booths during the event for that day.”

Under the theme “Bahamian Tings,” the community of Grand Bahama is invited to attend as the event will be an all- day affair, from 9:00am to 8:00pm, with an opening ceremony scheduled for 12:00 noon.

Foulkes added that “The students [in attendance] will gain an appreciation as to how natural resources found in their very own backyards can create economic wealth.”


The goal is for the tradeshow to spark interest throughout the community and encourage persons to think about capitalizing on their talents while utilizing the assets on the island.

As BAIC remains committed to “Creating, developing, marketing, promoting and processing quality Bahamian made products for the domestic and international markets,” there is hope that those who visit Grand Bahama Island will be able to readily find the unique products of which they are always in search.


Unfortunately, over the past few years, the markets have been inundated with unauthentic products which can also be found in neighboring countries.

Karen Seymour, Director, MOTA, GBI said, “One thing we at the Ministry of Tourism are keen to do is to promote the authentic offerings of this destination. Our target audience

is made up of millennials and Generation Y and these are people who look for authentic activities and offerings. “

She added that “This event is a showcase for just those things here on the island of Grand Bahama. We have some tremendously talented artisans, cooks, and craftspeople who don’t have much opportunity to showcase their goods, so this is a wonderful opportunity for them to do so. “

BAIC is currently still accepting applications for booth spaces, however, the number of booths available is currently limited.

For artisans interested in obtaining a booth for the sale of original Bahamian products at the 7th Annual Authenti-City Trade Show, please contact Ms. Lonzina Bethel at 352-1888.