Coppice Festival

Coppice Festival is a street festival that brings together the people of Nicholl's Town, as they celebrate one of the oldes areas in the settlement.  The street is bloked off from one block to the other, as vendors line the sides.  There is great bahamian food, music, games, and entertainment.  

All Andros Crab Fest

This annual event, held the second weekend in June, celebrates the crab-catching ways of Andros island, which is referred to as "The Land of Crabs." Activities include land crabs cooked in many ways, a crab cultural show, releasing of the crabs, a crab culinary contest, crabs of Andros life cycle display, and Rake & Scrape Music.

The venue is located 2.5 miles from the Andros Town Airport.

AUTEC's Arts & Craft Fair

This fair is sponsored by the AUTEC Company and is held on the AUTEC Naval Base in Andros Town, three minutes drive from the Andros Town airport. Native food, craft, American ceramics and food will be on sale. In order to attend the event, one must be a vendor or apply three days in advance for a visitor's pass.

The event ends at 1:00 p.m.


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