I am Proud to be a Bahamian

Shamara Curry, a 7-year-old first grade student of Temple Christian Elementary School, captured the school’s top poetry prize for National Pride Week. Shamara is the child of Mario and Sharon Curry.

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I am Proud to be a Bahamian

By Shamara Rose Curry

Conch Salad, conch fritters, oh so many things to eat
Crack conch, scorch conch all add up to Bahamian treat

Chicken shack, fruit stand, straw market, then the beach
Rake and scrape, maypole plaiting
And oh that good junkanoo beat

Straw bags, straw hats, just to name a few
All these things is Bahamian to me child
I ain’t know bout you

Aquamarine, gold and black
That’s the Bahamian flag

Forward, upward, onward, together
That should be we guide

Come on now we Bahamians
Show some national pride

Child I proud to be Bahamian
An this one ting I ain’t gonna hide