4 Oct
Every Thursday, you can enjoy fried fish and other local dishes. Located opposite the Great Harbour Cay Airport.
5 - 8 Oct
This festival was designed to bring nationals and visitors to Wemyss Bight to celebrate and reminisce about bygone days. It features talent shows, Bahamian food and drinks, live band performances and local crafts. 
5 - 8 Oct
This sports Tourism event, brings domestic and international visitors to the island and it generates income for the locals. Class A, B and C Class sailing sloops are invited for competition and the onshore activities include live band performances, cultural shows, native food and drinks.
5 Oct
This biweekly market showcases a wide range of 'true true' Bahamian handmade products for sale, including straw items, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, music, clothing, pet wares, local fruit popsicles and drinks, and so much more!