Dundas Town Homecoming

It's a three day cultural, family oriented, fun-filled event. It embodies native dishes and old school games. It brings together the community whilst giving visitors a rich cultural experience. 

Organization / Contact:
Mr. David Henfield
(242) 475-2072


Dundas Town
Marsh Harbour Abaco
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9 - 13 Apr
This event attracts domestic and international tourists. Some of the activities include Junkanoo rush-out, live band performances, fashion/cultural show, and native dishes.
9 - 13 Apr
The purpose of this event is to foster a closer relationship with the descendants and the community of James Cistern. Activities include live band performances, cultural show, miss and little miss beauty pageant, Bahamian food and drinks.
9 - 13 Apr
Local residents and visitors from other islands come together to interact and enjoy cultural activities, Bahamian music, food, drinks and games.
10 - 12 Apr
 Join in the Home Coming festivities, as locals from the island return home and join together in celebration.
10 - 12 Apr
This event symbolizes the uniting of the community and provides an opportunity for former residents to return home. Highlights will be cultural shows and live entertainment featuring local Rake and Scrape bands.The venue is located five miles from the San Andros Airport.