Bahamas Independence Celebrations: San Salvador

Independence Day Weekend Events:

  • Friday - National Pride Day, T-shirt Day
  • Sunday - Gospel Concert Almond Tree Park 7:30pm
  • Tuesday - Rising of the Flag Ceremony Almond Tree Park 9pm, at midnight fire works
  • Wednesday - All Day Picnic 12:pm-6:pm, Cook out and live music 6pm - 12:am Land Fall Park
Organization / Contact:
Administrator's Office or San Salvador Tourist Office
1-242- 331-1928/29
Almond Tree Park


Queen's Highway
Cockburn Town San Salvador

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19 Jul
San Salvador Goombay Summer festival features a variety of activities, including live Bahamian music, games, food and drink.FEATURES:
19 Jul
Locals gather every week to dance and enjoy good ole Bahamian food prepared by ladies in the community. Everyone is welcome to join in. The event runs until 12:00 midnight.
19 Jul
Every Friday Night the Governor's Harbour Development Association holds a Fish Fry at Anchor Bay in Governor's Harbour. This event attracts many tourists and locals every week. Proceeds from the event benefit the annual Homecoming and various projects within the community.
19 - 20 Jul
This annual event is designed to spotlight Spanish Well's fishing industry and enhance the visitor experience. It features fishing tournaments, cycling race, live entertainment, games, delicious seafood dishes and drinks. Vendours will be selling locally made shell jewelry.
20 Jul
This festival will feature all aspects of Bahamian culture, from music to dance, food, arts, and poetry, plus Bahamian past-time competitions.The event is organized by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and The Berry Islands Tourism Advisory Board.