Bahamasair Adds New Roundtrip Flights from Miami to Bimini

In an effort to continue to take the nation’s flag carrier to new heights, Bahamasair has introduced new 50-seat round trip flights from Bimini to Miami, Florida.

 The launch of the inaugural flights on Thursday, May 4  was commemorated with traditional water showers and a Junkanoo performance at both Miami International Airport and Bimini International Airport.

Flights will depart Miami at 1:30 p.m. and arrive Bimini at 2:00 p.m.and leave out of Bimini at 2:30 p.m. The flights are scheduled to run four times weekly, beginning in May: Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

 According to officials, this is the first time in 40 years that Bahamasair has serviced this route. 

 “The launch of this route to Bimini is an occasion to create more reciprocal opportunities for both of our respective communities in Miami and in The Bahamas,”  Bahamasair Chairman Tommy Turnquest said.

 “Our ongoing aim as a key tourism partner is to continue to bring as many visitors as we can and showcase all that our beautiful country has to offer. Likewise, the new flights from Bimini to Miami will continue to strengthen the links of commerce that define the connection between our country and the state of Florida.”


Minister of Transport and Local Government and Acting Minister of Tourism Frankie Campbell said this new flight has strengthened ties between Bimini and Miami.

“Many intrepid Americans made their first international boating trip across the Gulf Stream, from South Florida to Bimini.  For years, they have seen Bimini as a place to visit by boat. This new flight, hopefully, would help to change that perception and encourage more and more Floridians – and Florida visitors - to experience Bimini by air,” he said.


Senior Director of Airlift in the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Tyrone Sawyer also lauded the benefits of the new flights. 

“It positions Bahamasair strategically as a tool of tourism development. We’ve got a lot of airline partners that come with large networks that feed their respective hubs. Now we are seeing Bahamasair starting to use their new aircraft to position themselves in markets like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We hope that this is a trend that will continue where Bahamasair will come into the market and bring good air fares that impact the attractiveness of our ability to grow tourism,” he said.   

Bahamasair has also partnered with Resorts World Bimini to increase the head count on the flights and at the multi-million dollar resort.

General Manager at Resorts World Vince Angelo said this partnership will increase already high occupancy levels for the summer. 

“It is very, very exciting for the island. Any opportunity that we are going to be able to have to bring more travelers to this beautiful destination is going to prosper for everyone,” he said. 

“Visitors have been demanding more opportunities to get to the island versus the somewhat limited ways that we have now. Having this flight on schedule now four days a week is going to encourage them to want to fly more. It’s a phenomenal airline and I know the visitors are going to enjoy this as well. The summer will be extremely busy and now with Bahamasair it could increase occupancy and we are just really waiting to see that.”