A Call for Films FLIFF on Location: Grand Bahama Island

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival will feature an expanded film competition while on location at Grand Bahama Island, October 25 – 28. Organizers have called for original films nationwide for competition in four categories.

High School
– Open to any high school student, 14 – 18 years old as of August 1, who is resident in The Bahamas
– Students must present a film of five minutes or shorter, addressing any theme

– Open to any college student who is a resident of The Bahamas
– Students must present a film of five minutes or shorter, addressing any theme

Open Bahamian Short
– Open to any Bahamian resident
– Film must be 30 minutes or shorter, addressing any theme

Open Bahamian Feature
– Open to any Bahamian resident
– Film may be up to 90 minutes, addressing any theme

Entrants, who will be known as and referred to as the Director, must harness creative ideas, organize the production of the film and assume overall responsibility for every aspect of the film. There is no limit to the number of films a director may submit, but each entry must be original and entered separately.

All contestants will be able to see the status of their entry on the Bahamas Film Commission’s Grand Bahama Facebook page. Finalists must provide 30-second and 60-second trailers of their films in HD format and must supply five copies of their production on playable DVDs along with 2 DVD data discs containing the movie files in .mov or .avi file formats.

Contestants are invited to submit their entries to fliff@bahamas.com or via post to P.O. Box F-40251. Entries may also be delivered to the Ministry of Tourism’s Grand Bahama office, the first floor of the Fidelity Financial Center, Poinciana Drive. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2012.

“I loved attending FLIFF in Grand Bahama. I didn’t know there were so many filmmakers in The Bahamas,” said Pamela Poitier, daughter of Academy Award winner, Sir Sidney Poitier, after attending FLIFF last year. “I met animators, production designers, gaffers, directors and actors. I was shocked that so many talented Bahamians are pursuing their passions and creating a career for themselves in this country.

“All the films I saw blew my mind and opened up my world in a way that only films and documentaries can. I hope this event continues to come to Grand Bahama, as I will always attend and encourage others to as well, because film is a great way to learn what is happening in the world around us.”

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