28 Apr
The Ministry of Tourism, in support of the West End Eco-fishing Camp Association and the Grand Bahama Sailing Club, will host this recreational spring time event.
31 May
2 Jun
This sailing regatta is the second largest in The Bahamas, next to the National Family Island Regatta held in The Exumas, and it is the major fund-raiser on the island. Skippers from throughout The Bahamas compete for cash prizes and trophies in A, B and C class races.
6 - 9 Jul
Traditional Bahamian wooden sloops are featured at this event, and the highlight will be the Class A, B & C boat race. The venue is located 20 miles from the San Andros Airport.
27 - 29 Jul
Sailors of well-known Class A, B and C sloops from throughout The Islands of The Bahamas will compete in different races just off Taino Beach in Lucaya.